The best way to sell Bitcoin for Privat24 is to use our exchange office. The website guarantees you efficiency, quality of service and honesty! Here You will find the best exchange rates and no hidden commissions.

Exchange Bitcoin for Privat24  is performed in 6 easy steps:

  • Sеlect the direction of the exchange Bitcoin BTC — Privat24.
  • Calculate the final amount of exchange.
  • Enter your BTC wallet address, from which you will send money and enter your Privatbank wallet number, to which you want to receive hryvnia. You must also enter contact information.
  • Create an application for exchange BTC — Privat24 and pay for it.
  • Expect payment.
  • Leave a comment about work of the exchange office (optional).

1. Selection of exchange direction Bitcoin for Privat 24.

On the home page in the left column which is under the logo, at first click o the cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC,  then on the currency you want to receive, Privat 24.After choosing exchange direction, You will pass to the page with a form for registration, which must be filled out to make an exchange

2. Calculate the final amount.

After navigating to the page to create a new application, read the information about the terms of the exchange Bitcoin (BTC) — Privat24 (UAH)at the top of the page.
If You have any questions or difficulties, You can contact the support chat.Further, in the column «Give» in the field «Sum» enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to exchange. In our example, we enter 0,1.
In the column “Receive” in the field “Sum” You will see the sum in UAH, which will be delivered to Your Privat24 wallet.
Note! You need to pay attention to the available currency reserve and the maximum withdrawal sum for Privat24. It is specified over the field “Sum”.
3. Enter data for the exchange

Next, fill out the form with data to carry out exchange operations:

In the field GIVE:

  • Copy and enter the number of the wallet from which payment will be made

Make sure You entered the address of a Bitcoin BTC wallet. Otherwise, we will not be able to identify the payment quickly.

In the field RECEIVE:

  • Enter the address of the  wallet on which you want to receive money.

In the field «personal data», fill in data that are necessary for exchange:

  • in the field «Surname» and «Name», enter name and surname of the cardholder
  • in the field «E-mail» enter your e-mail where will be sent letters about the status of your application
  • in the field «Phone» enter your phone number in the international format

Ticking off “Remember entered data”, during the following exchange transactions You will save time for filling out information.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the exchange. Click “EXCHANGE”.

After You have clicked the button “EXCHANGE”, You will go to the page to check the correctness of the entered data.

4. Creating applications for exchange BTC Bitcoin — Privat 24.

Check the entered data for correctness.

Next, you need to tick that “You have read and agree with the terms of service” and click “CREATE APPLICATION”.

5. How to pay application to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) — Perfect Money (USD).

After creating an application, you will pass to the page with the instruction of payment. Carefully to study the instructions and click on the payment button to transfer funds. If you change your mind to exchange the funds, click on the button to cancel the application.

After You click the button «PAY», the system will automatically take You to the page where you will see the Bitcoin BTC wallet, which You need to transfer Bitcoin BTC to.
Login to your Bitcoin BTC wallet. Transfer the necessary sum to the specified wallet.

Warning! If You transfer funds from your wallets Bitcoin BCH, BTG, and others, we will not receive your payment. The funds will be irretrievably lost.

Please note, while transferring Bitcoin, we suggest to set the recommended commission for transfer. Otherwise, when you sеlect a minimum commission, the exchange operation may be delayed for indefinite term.

ОPlease note, the application will change its status to «Paid» when we receive at least 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin network. You can also track the transaction on Bitcoin on the website
After processing the application by the operator and transferring funds to account, the application will change its status into “Completed”.

Expect of receiving funds on the specified account.

6.How to leave a comment

After completion of the exchange for Privat24, You will receive a letter with notification about the execution of the application to the e-mail specified in the application. After that, You can leave a comment about the work of our exchange office and our team. You can also subscribe to news of our website on social networks Facebook, Twitter and Telegram in order to be always aware of the latest news.

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